Here’s how to get your hands on Mountain Dew Hot Sauce

This article is about MTN Dew’s limited run hot sauce from 2020. Looking for more info on the NEW Baja Blast hot sauce releasing in 2023? Click here for our article on Baja Blast hot sauce.

a screen shot of a tweet by mountain dew about the release of their havanero hot sauce

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What is Mountain Dew hot sauce?

Back in 2020, Mountain Dew announced a partnership with Joe Embiid (an NBA player) and iBurn. Together they released a co-branded hot sauce that combined the flavors of Mountain Dew with a spicy habanero hot sauce.

The hot sauce was hyped on social media, especially Twitter, and users voted on what pepper to use in the sauce with habanero beating out other chilis like fatalli, datil, and peri-peri. The sauce was fluorescent green, similar to the signature color of Mountain Dew soda.

How hot is Mountain Dew hot sauce?

The exact Scoville rating was never released for Mountain Dew hot sauce — but here’s what we know.

This hot sauce is supposed to be HOT — and it uses the habanero pepper which clocks in around 150,000 SHU. Embiid, the co-creator of this hot sauce is a spicy food enthusiast, and claims to have had hot sauces as spicy as 2,000,000 on the Scoville scale.

If you look at other habanero hot sauces, here is how they rank on the Scoville scale:

El Yucateco habanero hot sauce: 8,910

Secret Aardvark: 5,000

Marie Sharp’s: 50,000

Melinda’s Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce: 10,000-50,000

So, if this Mountain Dew hot sauce truly is on the spicier end of habanero hot sauces, it probably lands around 50,000 SHU — although many habanero sauces don’t even crack 10,000.

Where to buy Mountain Dew hot sauce

This hot sauce has always been incredibly exclusive and hard to find — even Amazon supplies have run dry. It’s rumored that only 500 total bottles were ever produced, and most were given away via promotions on social media.

But fear not — it’s still possible to get the Mountain Dew hot sauce on eBay, although you’ll be paying anywhere from $150-$350 for it. (At least, at the time of this writing. It looks as though just a few bottles are left, so don’t wait if you’re a Mountain Dew + spicy fanatic.)

What does Mountain Dew hot sauce taste like?

We weren’t lucky enough to snag a bottle of this hot sauce when it was released, and sorry, we’re not about to spend $150 on it. So, the best we can do is to guess at the flavor based on what we’ve read.

The idea is that this hot sauce combines the classic tastes of a habanero hot sauce (spicy, tangy), with the flavors of Mountain Dew soda (citrus-y, sweet). So, it’s likely that the hot sauce was spicy, tangy, and slightly fruity.

If that flavor combo piques your interest, there are a handful of hot sauces you can buy that combines heat and citrus, like Fat Cat Florida Sauce and Fresco Sauce’s Citrus Fresno Garlic sauce.

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