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Is your hot sauce or spicy food brand looking to partner with bloggers and influencers to expand your reach? We love partnering with relevant brands and reviewing products and sharing sponsored posts. You can see our reviews of D’ELidas hot sauce and SmartFood Popcorn.

We also accept press kits free of charge and post at our discretion — our audience is very excited about novelty food drops and spicy food news.

About us

We are a US-based blog, and all of our content is original and written by our team. Our author, Annie Singer, is a marketer and SEO with 10+ years of experience driving rapid growth and building a strong community.

Spicy Exchange has been around since 2019, and we are a trusted source of information across the web. Our audience is entirely organic, and the vast majority of our readers are based in the US.

We are also RAPIDLY growing, with more than 700% growth between December 2022 and June 2023.

a screenshot from google analytics showing 700% growth in users from january to june 2023

Brands we love to work with

We partner only with brands extremely relevant to our content and only with reputable brands that we trust. Our main categories of content include hot sauce, spicy snacks, growing peppers (gardening), and information about peppers.

Our ideal partners include:

  • Pepper seed sellers
  • Hot sauce brands
  • Spicy snack brands
  • Spice brands
  • Gardening supplies sellers (fertilizers, stakes, etc.)
  • Authors and publishers of relevant books (hot sauce recipes, spicy food information, culinary writing)
  • Online grocers with selections of spicy foods, spices, and/or fresh peppers
  • Events (hot sauce expos, spicy food festivals)

How to get in touch about partnerships

If you would like to get in touch about a partnership with, please email us at