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My favorite spicy recipes

Bring the heat with my favorite spicy recipes. All of these recipes are easily modifiable, so you can set the perfect heat level for you.

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water cascading from a watering can over a capsicum anuum plant.

Fertilizing Your Peppers: The Grower’s Guide to Peak Performance

Pepper plants, prized for their spicy fruits used across global cuisines, demand precise nourishment to thrive. Proper fertilization is not just about boosting growth; it’s about ensuring a bounty of quality peppers. This guide offers comprehensive advice on fertilizing pepper plants, aiming to equip gardeners with the knowledge to enhance plant health and maximize yields….

a ghost pepper plant with leaves yellowing near the tip.

Yellow Leaves on Your Pepper Plants? Here’s What To Do

It can be quite disheartening for garden enthusiasts to notice yellow leaves on their pepper plants, especially when they’re aware of the indispensable role of lush green leaves in plant growth and fruit production. The green foliage not only embodies a healthy plant but is crucial for photosynthesis, the process that fuels plant growth. Yellow…

a seed tray full of young pepper seedlings.

Ultimate Guide to Pepper Seed Germination: Tips, Troubleshooting, and More

Growing peppers is an endeavor cherished by many gardeners and cooks alike, thanks to the wide variety of peppers that range from sweet to scorchingly hot. Understanding the germination process of pepper seeds is the cornerstone of successful pepper cultivation. The journey from seed to sprout is a captivating interplay of genetics, environmental factors, and…

potted ghost pepper turning from green to orange.

How to grow peppers in pots: Easy guide for beginners

Growing peppers in pots has surged in popularity as gardeners and food enthusiasts alike discover the myriad benefits of container gardening. Before embarking on this spicy adventure, it’s pivotal to grasp the fundamental practices to ensure a bountiful and flavorful harvest. Do peppers grow well in containers?  This past season, I grew about half of…