2 green anaheim peppers

Anaheim Pepper

The Anaheim chili pepper is a mildly spicy pepper named for the city of Anaheim, California (where Disneyland is!) They were brought to California via New Mexico, and are extremely similar to hatch chilis because they originated from the same plant. While Anaheim chilis were cultivated in California, Hatch Chilis remained in New Mexico, and over time the slight differences in soil, nutrition, water, and climate developed these plants into distinct peppers.

Anaheim peppers grow up to 10 inches long and are most often picked and eaten when they are still green. When they mature they may become darker green, or they may turn red depending on the specific variety. Red Anaheims are also referred to as “chili colorado”.

Facts about
Anaheim Pepper

Heat level:
500 - 2,500
Capsicum annuum
North America


Anaheim peppers are usually mild, and somewhat sweet. Their flavor falls somewhere between bell peppers and jalapeƱos.


Anaheim peppers are versatile and can be used similarly to bell peppers. Try roasting or grilling them, dicing and sauteeing them, or making chile rellenos with them. You can also preserve them by canning or drying them.