A closeup shot of Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers growing on a bush

Butch T Peppers: A Twist on the Trinidad Scorpion

If you’re a fan of ultra-hot peppers, the Butch T pepper should be on your radar. Previously known to be the hottest pepper in the world, this pepper was selectively bred from the Trinidad Scorpion pepper. 

Facts about
Butch T Peppers

Heat level:
Extremely hot
800,000 – 1,463,700
Capsicum chinense
North America

What are Trinidad Scorpion Butch T peppers?

The Butch T pepper is a variety of chili peppers recognized as one of the hottest peppers in the world. It is a cross between the Trinidad Scorpion pepper and another unknown pepper variety and was developed by Butch Taylor, a chili pepper enthusiast from Mississippi, United States. However, this pepper has a global background, with the Trinidad scorpion hailing from Trinidad and Tobago and being commercialized by Australian seed companies.

In May 2011, the Butch T pepper was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the hottest chili pepper in the world, with an average Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of over 1,400,000. It held the title for two years until surpassed by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion in 2013. To this day, it’s still widely considered to be in the top 10 hottest peppers in the world.

How hot are they?

With a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of over 1,400,000, the Butch T pepper is considered one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. To give some perspective, a jalapeño pepper has an SHU rating of around 5,000, making the Butch T up to 2,800x spicier. The intense heat of the Butch T pepper can make it a challenging ingredient to work with in the kitchen, but it can also add a unique and powerful flavor to hot sauces when used in moderation.

What do they taste like? 

Aside from volcanic heat, the Butch T pepper has a slightly sweet, fruity flavor with a floral aroma reminiscent of perfume. In anything other than minuscule quantities, the pepper’s heat will quickly overpower its taste. But when added in moderation to hot sauces and other spicy foods, it can add a complex and interesting flavor profile.

Butch T peppers vs. Trinidad scorpion

Butch T peppers carry many characteristics similar to the Trinidad scorpion pepper. Both peppers are extremely spicy, averaging over 1.2 million SHU. However, the Butch T pepper is generally considered to be hotter than the average Trinidad Scorpion pepper.

The Butch T pepper has a fruity flavor with a floral aroma, while the Trinidad scorpion pepper has a slightly sweeter, earthy, and nutty flavor. Both peppers have a distinctive and complex taste that can be appreciated in moderate amounts but may be difficult to notice when used excessively.

Culinary uses and precautions

As an incredibly spicy chili pepper, it is important to use Butch T peppers sparingly when cooking and to take precautions when handling them. As an ingredient in spicy sauces, marinades, rubs, and other recipes, Butch T peppers can add a unique and intense flavor that is hard to replicate with other peppers. However, due to their extreme heat, they should be used cautiously, and small amounts added gradually to achieve the desired level of spiciness.

Wear gloves and goggles when handling Butch T peppers to avoid skin and eye irritation and avoid touching your face, mouth, or sensitive areas.

Where to buy Butch T peppers and seeds

You’ll have difficulty finding Butch T peppers in local stores and farmer’s markets. However, you can purchase the seeds online from various specialty chili pepper retailers to frow them at home. Make sure that you shop from a reputable seller. The cheapest options on Amazon are often inauthentic.

How to grow Butch T peppers

Because you won’t find Butch T peppers in your local grocery store, growing them at home is the easiest way to try them. These peppers thrive in warm, sunny conditions and require regular watering. They are also known to be difficult to germinate.

Start your Butch T pepper seeds indoors a few months before the last frost (8-12 weeks), and then transplant them outside when the weather is warm enough. Provide your plants with well-draining soil, compost, and fertilizers, and remember to water the plants deeply and consistently.

Today, the popularity of the Butch T pepper continues to grow, and it remains one of the most sought-after ultra-hot varieties of chili pepper in the world.