Chipotles Moritas are ripe jalapeños that are then smoked and dried. They start out as regular green jalapeños but are allowed to ripen on the vine until they are a deep red. Because they are essentially jalapeños they are comparable in terms of spiciness, and fall on the milder scale of more chili peppers, but with a noticeable kick.

Morita chipotle is the most common form of chipotle used and sold in the United States, but they originate from Mexico and are primarily used in Mexican cuisine.

How hot?

2500-8000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)

Scientific name

Capsicum annuum


Chipotle Morita peppers are rich and smoky. However, they are smoked for less time than other chipotles, leaving a distinct, deep fruity flavor that other chipotles can’t match.


Chipotle Morita peppers can be used the same as any chipotle pepper. You can rehydrate the dried chilis in hot water and use them in soups, sauces, or salsas, or grind them to use them in seasonings.

Products that use chipotle morita peppers

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Hot sauces with chipotle morita

Dried chipotle morita

Add dried morita peppers to sauces, moles, and more.

Chili powder

Use this chili powder to make marinades and rubs for chicken, fish, and steak.