a small dish of bright red poppers

Peppadew® Peppers

Peppadew peppers, also known as Sweet Piquanté peppers, are a sweet and pickled pepper hailing from South Africa. “Peppadew” specifically refers to a popular brand name of piquanté (Juanita) peppers from the Limpopo province. The name is a combination of the dual description of the pepper, “sweet as dew” and “peppery”.

In addition to being sweet, the pepper is just slightly spicy — comparable in heat level to poblano peppers and significantly less spicy than jalapeños.

Facts about
Peppadew® Peppers

Heat level:
1,000 - 1,200
Capsicum baccatum


These peppers are a phenomenal combination of sweet (with added sugar), sour (because they are pickled), and slightly spicy.


Peppadew peppers are popular on pizza, and can also be stuffed with things like cheeses and garlic and served with charcuterie.

Substitutes for Peppadew peppers

If your recipe calls for Peppadews, but you aren’t able to find them in stores, other mild pickled peppers can be substituted like cherry peppers and pimentos. However, Peppadews tend to be sweeter than other commercially available pickled peppers, so you might want to add honey or sugar to more closely mimic the taste.

Where to buy Peppadew peppers

Peppadew peppers aren’t always available in American grocery stores, so you may want to look for a local African grocer or buy them online.

Peppadew pepper seeds to grow at home

Because Peppadew is a specific brand of pickled peppers, you can’t exactly grow them. However, if you want to preserve them at home, you can try growing and preserving Malawi Piquante peppers.