Sweetie Peppers

As the name implies, sweetie peppers are sweet peppers that are common for snacking on raw. They are on the smaller side, much smaller than bell peppers, and come in a range of colors including orange, red, and yellow. They are typically F1 peppers, which means that they are first-generation hybrids. They are easy to grow and have a high yield, so they are a popular pick for home gardens, however they are not typically used in commercial products like hot sauces, pepper powders, or on grocery store shelves.

colorful sweet peppers on wooden surface

How hot are sweetie peppers?

Less than 500 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)

Scientific name

Capsicum annuum


Sweetie peppers are juicy and sweet, and most are bred to have very few seeds.


These peppers are endlessly versatile. You can snack on the whole pepper raw, slice them and include them in a salad, grill or roast them, and more.

How to get sweetie peppers

Sweetie peppers are not commonly used in commercial products, aren’t sold at most grocery stores, and aren’t widely available from popular seed shops like Burpee and Johnny’s Seeds.

However, there are a few specialized seed companies that have them available for purchase: Osborne Quality Seeds and Territorial Seed Company.