Cholula announces spicy streetwear collab with UPRISERS

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If you love spicy food and novelty swag, you’ll want to mark your calendars for Cholula’s upcoming merch drop in partnership with streetwear brand UPRISERS.

Say what!?

Cholula has exciting news for spice enthusiasts and streetwear aficionados alike! 

The renowned hot sauce brand has recently announced an exciting collaboration with the trendy streetwear label UPRISERS. Together, they are set to unveil a collection of exclusive, limited-edition products bearing iconic CholulaXUPRISERS co-branding. 

Mark your calendars because the highly anticipated drop is scheduled for June 28th. With the excitement surrounding this collaboration, these fiery streetwear items are expected to be in high demand and fly off the shelves in no time. So, prepare for a sizzling release that will sell out rapidly!

What products are they offering?

This exclusive release features a range of must-have items that capture the essence of both brands. Among the exciting offerings, you can expect to find: 

  1. A Mercado-style tote bag, perfect for carrying your essentials with a touch of spice-inspired flair
  2. An oversized “100 years” heavyweight tee, a statement piece that proudly celebrates Cholula’s rich heritage
  3. A holographic “We Are UPRISERS x Cholula” sticker to add a dash of shimmering charm to your collection
  4. The choice between a La Familia trucker hat showcases a stylish design, combining Cholula’s iconic imagery with UPRISERS’ streetwear sensibilities, OR a one-of-a-kind hoodie poncho offering a cozy and fashionable choice
  5. Alongside the streetwear collection, the drop will introduce Cholula’s new taco seasoning and salsa, allowing you to infuse your culinary creations with the signature Cholula flavor

What’s the point?

While Cholula’s foray into the world of streetwear may seem surprising, it’s important to note that the brand’s collaboration with UPRISERS isn’t indicative of a long-term clothing line. Instead, this exciting venture aims to promote Cholula’s expansion beyond its beloved classic hot sauces.

With sights set on diversifying its product offerings, Cholula recently introduced taco seasonings and salsas earlier this year. The collaboration with UPRISERS is a strategic move to generate buzz and excitement around these new additions to the Cholula family. By partnering with a trendy streetwear brand, Cholula aims to engage with a broader audience and create a unique marketing experience.

This collaboration acts as a catalyst for introducing these new products to consumers beyond their classic hot sauces, providing a spicy twist to their culinary adventures.

How much will it cost?

The Cholula and UPRISERS collaboration drop will be free of charge! That’s right, you read it correctly. This highly anticipated release, featuring an array of exclusive and limited-edition items, will not cost you a penny. 

Be sure to set your alarms and be ready to act quickly, as I expect everything to be claimed within minutes.

When is it happening? Wednesday, June 28th, 2023, at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT

Mark your calendars and save the date for Wednesday, June 28th, at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT. This is a crucial moment to set your alarms and be ready to secure your spot in this highly anticipated drop. With two influential brands like Cholula and UPRISERS joining forces, everything will be snatched up extremely quickly.

How to score free Cholula X UPRISERS gear

To get your hands on this sizzling collection of spicy streetwear, you’ll want to head over to UPRISERS’ website on June 28th. The Cholula and UPRISERS collaboration products will be exclusively available on their website at

Remember, due to the anticipated popularity of this collaboration, you should set your alarm and be ready to visit UPRISERS’ website as soon as the drop begins for the best chance of scoring free spicy swag.

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