63+ hot sauce & spicy food festivals you won’t want to miss in 2024

We’re thrilled to announce our 2024 festival list, including dozens of hot sauce, chili pepper, and spicy food events around the globe. This list is evolving quickly as promoters make announcements for the 2024 season, so don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back later.

If you’re a hot sauce festival event promoter, please reach out to me at hello@spicyexchange.com and let me know the details of your event. I am happy to accept press passes to festivals within 150 miles of Rockford, Illinois, and I have limited travel availability for further-away destinations.

Why go to a hot sauce festival?

a hot sauce exhibitor at the 2023 illinois hot sauce expo.

Speaking from personal experience, hot sauce and spicy food festivals are a lot of fun! They celebrate spicy food culture, which is inherently social. The typical event has live music, spicy food eating contests, exhibitors offering free samples, and more.

While we all know Cholula and Tabasco, the vast majority of hot sauces are made and sold by small businesses. Hot Sauce expos give you the chance to meet the folks behind the brands — often you’ll find the founders/owners of the companies manning the booths! Geek out with legends like Ed Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Company who attended the 2023 Illionis Hot Sauce Expo (and I’m sure many others), and ask all of your questions about flavor, heat, and manufacturing.

Have more questions?

Please note, SpicyExchange is not affiliated with any of these events, so I can’t answer your specific questions about accessibility, pricing, parking, etc. I’ve included links to as many events as possible, so please click through and reach out directly to the promoters for any specific questions you have.

March 2024

Annual National Fiery Foods Show – March 1st – 3rd, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Embark on a spicy sojourn in the enchanting city of Albuquerque, New Mexico from March 1st – 3rd at the Annual National Fiery Foods Show. This long-standing event, celebrated since 1988, brings together dozens of exhibitors, featuring everything from scorching hot sauce to sizzling BBQ sauces and vibrant chili farms. 

Here’s a quick peek at what awaits you:

  • Be spoiled for choice with over 1,000 different products from across the globe for you to taste and purchase.
  • Witness live cooking and barbecue demonstrations.
  • Enjoy a variety of food samples.
  • Experience the Scovie Award-winning products, known as the top fiery food products in the world.
  • Watch the exciting 505 Food Fights, a bracket-style culinary clash for charity with professional cooks and chefs from around the state.

Remember to grab your tickets for just $11.00 until February 21, 2024, after which, they’ll cost $16.00. You won’t want to miss this!

Click here to learn more about the Annual National Fiery Foods Show.

Sunshine Coast Chilli Festival – March 16th – QLD, Australia

Sunshine Coast Chilli Festival takes place on the 16th of March in QLD, Australia. One of the initial events on the spicy foods calendar, it draws hot sauce lovers with its extensive variety of over 300 chili sauces. The festival’s highlights include:

  • Sampling and shopping for hot sauces
  • Fresh food truck vendors
  • Competitions for who can eat the most
  • Fun-filled amusement rides
  • A beer garden
  • Children’s eating competitions
  • Charity food and wine raffles
  • Well-stocked cocktail bar

With a modest ticket cost of just a $2 donation per person, it’s an affordable day out that packs plenty of heat.

Click here to learn more about the Sunshine Coast Chili Festival.

Herb & Chilli Festival – March 16th – 17th 2024, Wandin North, Australia

Heading down under in March 2024? Then make sure to check out the Herb & Chilli Festival in Wandin North, Australia. This festival pulls together over 80 stalls featuring a variety of spicy chili products to kick up your taste buds. You’ll encounter everything from sauces, rubs, and marinades to fiery drinks with a punch.

  • Families-friendly atmosphere
  • Free entry for children under 14 accompanying a paying adult
  • Five competitions, with crowd favorites including Captain Chilli, the Stinger Wing Challenge, and Shot ‘n’ Holler
  • Tickets priced at just $28.00 for adults

Plus, get in the groove with live music, participate in exciting contests, tour the exhibitors, and tons more. An experience not to be missed!

Click here to learn more about the Herb & Chilli Fest.

Chinderah Chilli Festival – March 23rd – New South Wales, Australia

Don’t miss the Chinderah Chilli Festival in Australia on March 23rd. Located on Gollan Dr, Tweed Heads West, NSW 2485, this fest has everything a spicy food enthusiast could want. Spend your day satisfying your taste buds and shopping at the festival’s unique attractions:

  • Check out international food trucks offering yummy lunch options.
  • Find delectable vegan and vegetarian food.
  • Treat yourself to 100’s of chili sauces, chili condiments, jerky, jams & fresh chili.
  • You can even buy chili plants, seeds, chili-themed jewelry and novelties.
  • Not into spicy food? No worries, there are plenty of non-chili food and products.

Kick back and enjoy the live music, or step up and participate in chili-eating challenges. This pet-friendly, family-friendly festival is perfect for all. The ticket cost is a mere $2 donation. Be there for this hot occasion!

Click here to learn more about the Chinderah Chilli Fest.

April 2024

Pinellas Pepper Fest – April 13th-14th – Pinellas Park, Florida

Experience the kick of the Pinellas Pepper Fest from April 13th to 14th in Pinellas Park, Florida. Festival-goers can expect a whirlwind of spice, with specialty exhibitors showcasing an array of unique and awesome products. These will range from dynamite hot sauces, robust salsas, potent seasonings and rubs, to spicy food and even fiery-savvy gadgets and kitchenware. Brace yourself for:

  • Hundreds of free samples, from mild to wild flavor profiles
  • Deep-dive into spicy food contests
  • An exciting mix of live music
  • A pet and family-friendly environment

A festival where foodie fiery dreams come true, and the best part – entry is completely free.

Click here to learn more about the Pinellas Pepper Fest.

Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods –  April 12-14 – Madison, Indiana

Venture to Madison, Indiana, from April 12-14 for the Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods festival. Kick off this spicy event with a Hot Luck on Friday at 7 pm, where you’re encouraged to bring your hot dishes and recipe cards for an exciting exchange. The festivities continue on Saturday with a Fiery Foods Marketplace. Indulge in and purchase a wide range of spicy delicacies – from mouth-tingling salsas, sauces, and vinegar, to spicy breads and chili powder.

Top attractions at the event include:

  • Big Green Egg demonstrations powered by Steinhardt Heating and AC.
  • Spicy food demos throughout the day.
  • Special Caribbean Island dinner at 6pm.
  • Chilehead music at 6pm by The Slick River Rockets.

Dive into the world of heat and flavor, and relish the opportunity to mingle and interact with like-minded spice enthusiasts and vendors.

Click here to learn more about the Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods fest.

Boston Hot Sauce Festival –  April 27th-28th – Boston, Massachusetts

For all the spice enthusiasts out there, the Boston Hot Sauce Festival is a must-attend event. Set to take place on April 27th and 28th, this festival in Boston, Massachusetts is bursting with fun spicy challenges and activities. 

The festival features:

  • Plenty of hot sauce vendors for tasting and purchasing sauces with varying heat levels.
  • The Boston Spice Awards at 1:00 pm on Saturday, where the best hot sauces are honored.
  • A Marshmallows from Hell Challenge at 3:00 pm, which tests how much heat you can handle.
  • The night doesn’t end there; attend the second session for a hot wing-eating challenge at 6:00 pm.
  • Sunday brings more excitement with the Golden Skillet Award at 1:00 pm, followed by the Spiked Pizza eating challenge at 3:00 pm.

The tickets to this fiery festivity cost only $10. Don’t miss out on this hot sauce and spicy food lover’s paradise.

Click here to learn more about the Boston Hot Sauce Festival.

May 2024

Hot Sauce Society Festival –  May 11th – London, UK

The Hot Sauce Society festival is slated for May 11th in London, UK. It’s London’s largest hot sauce festival, featuring over 40 independent hot sauce makers from London and surrounding areas. These vendors bring you the finest small-batch and limited-edition sauces you won’t find elsewhere.

Key highlights of the festival include:

  • A variety of live music and DJ performances
  • Engaging games and competitions
  • Specialty craft beer bar and diverse street food
  • A ticket cost of £2 at the door (free entry for kids under 12)
  • A menu offering vegetarian and vegan options

This event is both dog and family-friendly, perfect for everyone to come and soak up the flavors and fun!

Click here to learn more about the Hot Sauce Society Festival.

The Cheese and Chilli Festival – May 18th & 19th, Christchurch, UK

The Cheese and Chilli Festival in Christchurch, UK is a spicy sensation that will take place on May 18th and 19th, celebrating its 10th anniversary. This festival offers a variety of activities:

  • Live cooking demonstrations at the cooking theater
  • Mouth-burning chili-eating competitions
  • Hot sauce samples to set your taste buds on fire
  • Cheese, chilis, and hot sauces for sale and sampling
  • Vibrant live music performances
  • Children’s entertainment to keep the little ones amused
  • Bars
  • A mini fair

Day tickets for this simmering experience start at just £8, giving you an unforgettable experience of spicy treats and festive vibes.

Click here to learn more about the Cheese and Chilli Festival.

Annual ZestFest – May 24th–26th – Fort Worth, Texas

Be sure to sizzle up your calendar with the Annual ZestFest happening from May 24th – 26th, in, Fort Worth, Texas. This spicy food festival is a perfect blend of fiery food challenges, celebrity chef demos, and sampling galore of hundreds of spicy good products. Each year the event features:

  • Approximately 150 exhibitors
  • A blind-tasting competition with categories ranging from mild to ultra-hot, offering 85 chances to glory.

With tickets starting at just $18, it’s a feast for your taste buds that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! Experience the heat, the fun, and the flair at this unparalleled celebration of all things spicy.

Click here to learn more about ZestFest.

June 2024

Winchester Cheese and Chilli Festival – June 1st-2nd – Winchester, UK

Lovers of heat and flavor should definitely mark June 1st and 2nd on their calendars for the Winchester Cheese and Chilli Festival in the UK. This festival offers a wide array of hot sauces and spicy cheeses ready for tasting and buying. Put together by the same group who organizes the Christchurch Cheese and Chilli fest and others, you are in for a savory treat.

Aside from the spicy treats, the fest also features:

  • Chilli eating competitions for the brave-hearted.
  • Live music to spice up the atmosphere.
  • Engaging kids’ activities for the little ones.
  • A pet-friendly environment, so your furry friend won’t miss out.

With adult tickets starting at £8.00, this is one hot and spicy adventure you won’t want to miss in 2024.

Click here to learn more about the Winchester Cheese and Chilli Fest.

Old Boney Mountain Hot Summer Night Festival – June 9th – Thousand Oaks, California

The Old Boney Mountain Hot Summer Night Festival is a must-go event for spicy food enthusiasts. This festival, occurring on June 9th in Thousand Oaks, California, features an international hot sauce competition that includes categories for the best hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and spicy mustard. 

And it’s not just about good food – this festival is also a fundraiser for the Old Boney Mountain Foundation for Kids. Plus, with free admission and an exciting awards ceremony, you certainly won’t want to miss this spicy summer event.

  • International hot sauce competition
  • Fundraiser for Old Boney Mountain Foundation for Kids
  • Free admission, and an awards ceremony

Click here to learn more about Hot Summer Night.

West Coast Hot Sauce Experience – TBA – San Diego, CA

Venture to sunny San Diego, CA for the fiery West Coast Hot Sauce Experience. With a trifling ticket cost of $7.50, you’ll gain access to a plethora of hot sauce vendors showcasing their sizzling concoctions. You can also participate in a high-stakes chili eating competition, or keep your taste buds intact while enjoying a variety of live entertainment acts. 

The exact dates for 2024 are not yet confirmed, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements. Make sure you don’t miss out:

  • An affordable entry fee of $7.50
  • Flavorful lineup of hot sauce vendors
  • Riveting chili eating competition
  • Vast array of live entertainment
  • 2024 dates announced soon!

Ready to embrace the heat in 2024? Mark your calendar and keep an eye out for updates from the West Coast Hot Sauce Experience.

Click here to learn more about the West Coast Hot Sauce Experience.

Chichester Cheese and Chilli Festival – June 22nd-23rd – Chichester, UK

Tickle your taste buds with the irresistible combination of cheese and chilli at the Chichester Cheese and Chilli Festival. Organized by the same team that brings you the other staple chilli and cheese festivals, this event promises an incredible experience for the whole family, pets included! With adult tickets kick-starting at an affordable £8.00, there’s no reason to miss out.

  • Dates: June 22nd-23rd
  • Location: Chichester, UK
  • Features: Live entertainment such as chilli eating contests, music performances and kid’s shows.
  • Vendors: Widespread food stands offering free samples

Get ready to savor a wide variety of cheeses and spice-infused dishes as you groove to the music, all in the vibrant vibes of Chichester.

Click here to learn more about the Chichester Cheese and Chilli Fest.

July 2024

Swindon Cheese and Chilli Festival – July 6th-7th – Swindon, UK

Get ready for the Swindon Cheese and Chilli Festival on July 6th & 7th, held in the lovely city of Swindon, UK. This boisterous festival is organized by the same enthusiastic promoters of various other cheese and chili festivals listed, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

  • It’s a family and pet-friendly event, so bring your entire crew for an exciting day out
  • Engage in a myriad of fun activities and enjoy live music sessions, including special activities set out for children
  • Enjoy a vast array of spicy food, cheese, and hot sauce samples
  • For the bravest, partake in the spicy chilli eating contest
  • Adult tickets are affordable, starting from just £8.00

Mark these dates on your calendar and start prepping your taste buds for some fiery zest!

Click here to learn more about the Swindon Cheese and Chilli Fest.

Guildford Cheese and Chilli Festival – July 20th-21st – Guildford, UK

If you’re a fan of spice and dairy, you’ll want to mark your calendar for the Guildford Cheese and Chilli Festival, taking place on July 20th and 21st in Guildford, UK. The event is organized by the same renowned promoters who have brought other notable cheese and chili festivals to life.

Key highlights of this festival include:

  • Family and pet-friendly environment, ensuring everyone has a good time.
  • Fun-filled kid’s activities and entertainment make it perfect for a family day out.
  • An exciting chili eating contest for the daredevils, alongside an abundance of hot sauce, spicy food, and cheese vendors.
  • Affordable adult tickets start at just £8.00.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the blend of cheese and chili at this festival.

Click here to learn more about the Guildford Cheese and Chilli Fest.

More anticipated events:

Most hot sauce festivals don’t release their details until a few months before the event, so we don’t have confirmation on most events planned for later in the summer and fall of 2024. I’ve sent inquiries to a handful of event promoters to confirm dates for some of the most popular long-running hot sauce and spicy food festivals, but be sure to bookmark this page and visit it later on to see more events for later in the year.

If you’re a hot sauce festival event promoter, please reach out to me at hello@spicyexchange.com and let me know the details of your event. I am happy to accept press passes to festivals within ~3 hours driving of Chicago, Illinois, and I have limited travel availability for further destinations.

Here are other events we expect to happen in 2024. We will continue to add to this list and publish specific details once they become available:

July 2024:

  • Illinois Hot Sauce Expo – Joliet, Illinois
  • Oxnard Salsa Festival – Oxnard, California
  • New England Hot Sauce Fest – Hampton, New Hampshire
  • Fredericksburg Hot Sauce Festival – Fredericksburg, Texas
  • ChilliBobs East Midlands Chilli Fest – England, UK
  • McMillin Farm Hot Sauce Fest – Puyallup, Washington

August 2024

  • Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire – August, Fairfield, Ohio
  • The Great Dorset Chilli Festival – August 3rd & 4th, Dorest, England
  • Quad State Flavor Fest – Boonsboro, Maryland
  • Portland Hot Sauce Expo – Portland, Oregon
  • Foxeria del Sol Hatch Chile Fest – Atlanta, Georgia
  • North Hudson Pepper Fest – Hudson, Wisconsin
  • Philadelphia Hot Sauce Festival – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Columbus Fiery Foods Festival – Columbus, Ohio
  • Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival – Austin, Texas
  • Heating up the Capital – Ontario, Canada
  • Benington Chilli Festival – UK
  • Fiera Mondiale Campionaria del Peperoncino – Rieti, Italy

September 2024

  • Midwest Wing Fest – Fairview Heights, Illinois
  • National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival – Labor Day Weekend – Buffalo, New York
  • Hatch Valley Chile Festival – Labor Day Weekend – Hatch, New Mexico
  • NJ Taco Festival – Augusta, New Jersey
  • North Carolina Hot Sauce Contest – Oxford, North Carolina
  • Chile Pepper Food Festival – Bowers, Pennsylvania
  • Big Chili Cook-off –  Evergreen, Colorado
  • Berlin Chili Fest – Berlin, Germany
  • Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival – Austin, Texas
  • Murphys Creek Chilli Carnival – Queensland, Australia
  • Brighton Chile Fest – Brighton, Colorado
  • Westwood Chile Fest – Colorado
  • I like it Hot! Festival – Largo, Florida
  • Heating up the Capital – Ontario, Canada
  • Similkameen Sizzle Pepper Fest – BC, Canada
  • Philippine Chilli Festival – Manila, Philippines
  • ChileFest at Mike’s Maze – Sunderland, Massachusetts
  • Saucetoberfest – New Jersey
  • Texas Hot Sauce Festival – Houston, Texas
  • Pittsboro Pepper Festiva – Pittsboro, North Carolina
  • Roasted Chile Festival At The Heirloom Farmers Markets – Tucson, Arizona
  • Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta – Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival – Pueblo, Colorado
  • Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo –  Brooklyn, New York

October 2024

  • Hot Pepper Festival – Palestine, Texas
  • Golden Beer Tasting & Chili Cook-Off – Golden, Colorado
  • St. Martinville Kiwanis Club Annual Pepper Festival – St. Martinville, Louisiana
  • Sydney Chilli Festival – NSW, Australia
  • Briz Chili Fest – Newstead, Australia
  • Fete du Piment a Espelette – Ville d’Espelette, France

November 2024

  • TN Hot Sauce Expo – Nashville, Tennessee

Last year’s events

January 21 — Hops N’ Sauce Festival — Humble, Texas

Texas knows a thing or two about spicy food! The Hops N’ Sauce festival is the first of the year, landing at the end of January and taking place just outside of Houston. It highlights both spicy food and beer, hence the name.

You can expect vendors like Bravado Spice Co, Hardcore Hot Sauce, Hot Sauce Holsters, and tons of other sauce, salsa, and spice brands. This festival will have food trucks, free samples, and even a pepper-eating contest.

This is an annual event, so if you’re reading this after January 21, 2023, don’t worry! You’ll have your chance to attend next year.

Click here to learn more about the Hops N’ Sauce festival.

February 25 — Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo — London, Ontario, Canada

The Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo is sure to be an action-packed event with vendors, contests, and even a Guinness world record attempt. There will be hundreds of hot sauces available to sample, and spicy foods like wings, and pepper and wing-eating competitions.

This festival includes The Eternal Flames, which are awarded to hot sauces in five different categories: mild, medium, hot, extreme, and most unique. The hot sauces are scored by a panel of judges, including chefs, experts, and hot sauce lovers.

General admission costs only $12.25, so you’ll definitely want to add this one to your calendar.

Click here to learn more about Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo.

March 17 — Herb and Chilli Festival — Wandin North, Victoria, Australia

The Herb and Chilli Festival is one of the biggest spicy food events in all of Australia, entering its 11th year. It will feature vendors, cooking demonstrations, live music, wrestling, contests, and more.

There will be four different competitions, including chili eating, hot wing eating, tequila and hot peppers, and a food eating race, each repeating four times over the course of the two-day weekend event.

Click here to learn more about the Herb and Chilli Festival and to buy tickets.

April 1-2 — Pinellas Pepper Fest — Pinellas Park, Florida

The Pinellas Pepper Fest is a celebration of all things spicy. It features live entertainment, vendors, food, and plenty of contests. This festival has been running for 15 years, so it’s sure to be refined and professionally-managed.

There will be a hot sauce competition, a jalapeño-eating contest, and a Lolli Lick-A-Thon featuring the spiciest lollypop in the world.

Click here to lean more about the Pinellas Pepper Fest.

April 22-23 – Phillipine Chili Festival — Makati, Philippines

The Philippine Chili Festival celebrates all things spicy food. Enjoy peppers from around the world, spicy food products, chili eating contests, games, raffles, and more at this 2-day festival. Learn more on their Facebook page.

May 20-21 — Berlin Chili Fest — Berlin, Germany

Held at a brewery, the Berlin Chili Fest is a dog-friendly event featuring a spicy market, beer garden, and hot sauce tasting.

June 17 — Spice Fest — Des Moines, Iowa

Spice Fest is a new spicy food event held in Des Moines, Iowa at a brewery. It features vendors selling spicy foods and offering samples, as well as hot sauce contests. Awards will be given for the hottest sauce, and attendees will vote to nominate a “people’s choice” hot sauce award.

Click here to learn more about Spice Fest.

July 13 — Old Boney Mountain “Hot Summer Night” — Thousand Oaks, California

Every year, Old Boney Mountain hosts an international hot sauce competition, culminating in an exciting people’s choice award and event. The event includes live music, food, drinks, and a silent auction. Best of all, this festival is a fundraiser aimed at helping underprivileged youth and the widows and orphans of lost firefighters. Click here to learn more about the hot sauce competition and events this summer.

July 22 — IL Hot Sauce Expo — Joliet, Illinois

The IL Hot Sauce Expo is one of the biggest hot sauce destination events of the year. 2023 will be its 4th year of operation.

It hosts a number of vendors, including El Yucateco, Big Red’s Hot Sauce, and Fueo Box in previous years. It also has notable sponsors like Yelp, Peppers.com, and Heatonist.

July 29 — New England Hot Sauce Fest — Hampton, New Hampshire

The New England Hot Sauce Fest is another highly anticipated festival in the spicy food world. You should buy tickets in advance because they may sell out early.

This festival has an impressive lineup of name-brand vendors, including Angry Goat Pepper Co, Butterfly Bakery of Vermont, Alchemy Peppers, and many more.

Enjoy beer, bouncy houses, live music, and, best of all, lots of spicy food at this family-friendly event. There will also be hot pepper and hot wing eating contests.

August 5-6 — Great Dorset Chili Festival — Dorset, United Kingdom

The Great Dorset Chili Festival is a family-friendly pepper festival that includes tons of food, a chili cook-off, chili plant competitions, and more.

August 13-14 — PDX Hot Sauce Expo — Portland, Oregon

August 18-19 — North Hudson Pepper Festival — North Hudson, Wisconsin

The North Hudson Pepper Festival is an Italian heritage festival more than a spicy food-specific festival. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t spicy fun to be had! We recommend going on August 19th, when they will have a hot pepper eating contest.

I might also attend this one since it’s only a 4-hour drive from me.

September 1-3 — Hatch Chile Festival — Hatch, New Mexico

The Hatch Chile festival is perfect for those who love spicy food, colorful festivities, and small-town charm. It takes place in the small village of Hatch, New Mexico, and celebrates the annual chile harvest from the Hatch Valley fields.

With over 30,000 visitors every year, the festival boasts a wide range of activities for the whole family, including chile-eating contests, live music, a carnival, food and craft vendors, and more. Be sure to arrive early, bring sun protection and spending cash, and get ready to enjoy a fun-filled event!


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