Which hot sauce has a rooster logo? (It might NOT be Sriracha)

So, you were out at a food truck park and had the most INCREDIBLE chicken sandwich of your life. They had a huge condiment bar with lots of things you’ve never heard of, and you found this hot sauce that you know you can’t live without.

But you don’t remember what it’s called — only that it has a rooster on the logo.

So which hot sauce was it?

The bad news is, that there are several different types of hot sauce that use a rooster in the logo. But the good news is, we’re here to help you figure out which one you’re looking for!

Here are the most popular hot sauces that use a rooster logo:

1. Huy Fong’s Sriracha

a bottle of sriracha with rooster logo

Sriracha is the most likely answer to your question — it is one of the most famous and widely-used hot sauces that use a rooster in the logo.

What does Sriracha taste like? It’s spicy, a little bit sweet, and slightly garlicky. The bottle is otherwise notable because it has a bright green squeeze top rather than an opening where you pour the sauce out. Sriracha is originally a Thai-style hot sauce so it goes great with Thai food and many other Southeast Asian cuisines, but because the primary flavors are garlic and chili, it also goes great with Italian food, Mexican food, and American BBQ.

2. Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce

Two bottles of Nando's peri peri sauce

Nado’s Peri Peri sauce is another popular type of hot sauce that uses a rooster in the logo. Nando’s is a South African restaurant chain that also sells its signature hot sauces in many stores. The sauce is tangy, and in my opinion, even the hottest versions of this hot sauce are relatively mild.

Nando’s is a very popular hot sauce option for foods like grilled chicken and french fries.

3. Red Rooster Louisiana Hot Sauce

four bottles of red rooster louisiana hot sauce

Red Rooster Louisiana hot sauce may also be what you’re looking for if you tried a hot sauce with a rooster logo. This hot sauce, as the name implies, is from Louisiana. It is a pungent combination of aged chili peppers, salt, and vinegar.

Louisiana hot sauce is a popular choice for foods like wings, burgers, and grilled salmon.

If you’re looking for a hot sauce with a rooster in the logo, it’s likely Sriracha, Nando’s, or Red Rooster. If you’re looking for something else, try exploring all of the hot sauces we’ve written about and reviewed.

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