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2022’s Best fiery gifts for the spicy food lover in your life

Do you know someone who makes spicy food their entire personality? I think we all do. I can be guilty of being that person too, which makes me exceptionally qualified to recommend products that the spicy food lovers in your life will LOVE. Here are my top picks for the holidays in 2022.

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1. Hot sauce-making kits

I tried my hand at making hot sauce for the first time this summer, and well, let’s just say it didn’t go very well.

photo of messy kitchen with dripping purple hot sauce all over the floor and dishwasher

Making hot sauce is a lot harder than it looks. You have to have the right ingredients — typically chili peppers, vinegar, and whatever other flavoring agents you want to use. Then there are the woozy bottles, a funnel, maybe cheesecloth, or a strainer.

If your beloved spicy-loving friend enjoys hot sauce, then make their life a whole lot easier with an all-in-one hot sauce-making kit.

Here are a couple of my top picks for affordable hot sauce-making kits:

2. An invite to our spicy community

Need a small gift for someone who loves spicy food, but don’t have any budget to speak of? Invite them to our exclusive spicy food community! We’re offering a limited number of free lifetime memberships for the holiday 2022 season, but will be charging for memberships in the future. Click here to sign up or invite your friends.

3. The elusive Huy Fong Sriracha

It’s well known that there has been a severe sriracha shortage in 2022 — and the generic alternatives just don’t stack up. The spicy food lover in your life will be THRILLED with a generous supply of name-brand Sriracha. Believe me, this is on the very top of my list this holiday season. It’s hard to justify spending $25 on something that normally costs $7, but that makes the gift that much more valuable to the recipient.

Buy them Sriracha on Amazon

4. The 2022 One Chip Challenge

The One Chip challenge has been a popular novelty for spicy food-lovers for years now, and it’s still in high demand in 2022! This is a compact and under $10 option, perfect to use as a stocking stuffer. What actually is it? A single extremely spicy chip packed with the heat of the Carolina reaper and scorpion pepper. The challenge involves eating the single chip, and seeing how long you last before you break down and eat or drink something for relief from the heat.

For added fun, the updated 2022 chip turns your tongue blue!

Click here to snag the One Chip Challenge.

5. A sampler set of their favorite brand of hot sauce

Many brands package their flavors together into holiday gift sets, and this is a great option if you know what type of hot sauces they enjoy. Personally, Marie Sharp’s is one of my favorite hot sauce brands, and it tends to be more difficult to find in person, so it’s always much appreciated to receive it as a gift. Other popular brands like YellowBird and Melinda’s have their own gift sets as well.

6. Artisan hot sauces they might not have tried before

As a spicy food lover, there is nothing quite like discovering a new lesser-known hot sauce. These sauces tend to use a wider variety of chili peppers and ingredients, are made in smaller batches, and come from smaller businesses.

We recommend this Char Man hot sauce combo pack made locally in Ventura, California.

7. A rare collector’s item: Mountain Dew hot sauce

Some hot sauces are made and sold in extremely limited releases, like Mountain Dew hot sauce. Supposedly only 500 bottles were ever produced, and it was never sold in stores. It has since turned into a collector’s item, usually only available by auction. eBay still has a few bottles for sale, but they could sell out at any time.

Click here to shop eBay for Mountain Dew hot sauce.

8. 2022’s hottest soda

Another limited-time release by Mountain Dew hit the shelves of grocery stores in the summer of 2022: Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew. This mashup combines two cult classics: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos + Mountain Dew. We don’t know exactly how long this spicy soda will remain in stores, so it’s a great limited-time gift that your loved one may not have another chance to try.

You can still snag Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew in most grocery stores, or you can buy it on Amazon.

9. A spicy seasoning sampler

a white gift box by spiceology with four small seasoning jars

4 spicy rubs, sleek packaging, and a decent price point all from a small business almost sound too good to be true. Spiceology’s sweet and spicy variety pack is a great gift pick for anyone in your life who likes to cook spicy food. Click here to snag this aesthetic gift pack.

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