2023’s Best Prime Day deals on spicy foods

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Welcome to our Prime Day 2023 coverage! As the highly anticipated shopping event draws near, bookmark this page for daily deal updates. We’ll keep you informed about the hottest discounts and offers emerging as Prime Day approaches. 

Whether you’re searching for Amazon deals or looking to support small businesses with their off-Amazon promotions, we’ve got you covered. 

However, please note that these deals are highly time-sensitive, and their availability may vary. While we strive to provide the most up-to-date information, we can’t guarantee that all sales mentioned are still active. So, stay tuned, check back frequently, and get ready to dive into the exciting world of Prime Day deals!

Featured deals

Note: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click and purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our content!

33% off Fly By Jing chili crisp

jar of fly by jing chili crisp

There is something so special about the numbing effect of Sichuan peppercorns combined with scorching heat. This chili crisp uses erjingtao chilis and preserved black beans for a crunchy, savory, tingly, and fiery experience all at once.

Grab 33% off Fly By Jing Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp.

Prime Day deals on spicy foods:

25% off Delightfully Hot hot sauce making kit

the inner flap of delightfully hot lid showing the different features of the hot sauce kit

Hot sauce-making kits are the perfect addition to your culinary adventures, and during Prime Day 2023, you can snag one at a discount of 25% off. It includes everything you need, like woozy bottles, vinegar, dried peppers, gloves, and more. This kit promises a luxury experience with an almost-perfect 4.9-star rating.

Click here to grab the Delightfully Hot kit at 25% off.

20% off Unpretentious dried ghost peppers

a bag of 25 dried ghost peppers

Extreme heat seekers won’t want to miss this deal. Add these dried Bhut Jolokia peppers to chilis and sauces, or grind them into your own homemade pepper flakes. These peppers are notoriously pricy, so grab this deal while you can.

Claim 20% off dried ghost peppers.

25% off Weak Knees Sriracha gift set

a gift set of 3 bottles of weak knees sriracha and a gift box

If you’re looking for a spin on the classic Sriracha (which BTW has been sold out for months now), this Weak Knees Sriracha variety pack will pique your interest. It includes three types: super spicy gochujang sriracha, regular gochujang sriracha, and curry sriracha. Don’t be fooled, you won’t mistake this for Huy Fong, but it adds a unique Korean twist to this hot sauce classic.

Grab 25% off Weak Knees Sriracha.

20% off Melinda’s Pepper Sauce Challenge

Melinda’s is a reliable hot sauce brand with a wide array of products. This kit includes 6 sauces for $26, ranging from mild jalapeño to ultra-hot scorpion pepper sauces. Each sauce is progressively hotter, making it a fun gift or spicy contest.

Click here to snag 6 bottles at 20% off.

20% off The Good Hurt Fuego hot sauce-making kit

hot sauce making kit unboxed showing the ingredients and equipment

The Good Hurt hot sauce-making kit comes equipped with all the necessary ingredients and instructions, allowing you to create custom hot sauces right in your kitchen. Not only are these kits a fantastic way to spice up your meals, but they also make great gifts. Whether you’re looking for a fun summer activity for high school or college kids on break or planning an unforgettable date night with your partner, a hot sauce-making kit will provide endless fun and creativity. 

Click here to grab a discounted hot sauce-making kit.

30% off Jack Link’s Hot Meat Snacks

jack links hot meat snacks box

You had me at “hot meat”. Enjoy an assortment of Flamin’ Hot beef jerky, steak bites, and meat sticks in this discounted 12-pack. Beef jerky is normally so expensive that this is a surprisingly great deal.

Grab hot meat at 30% off.

50% off Bravado Spice Co ghost pepper blueberry hot sauce

bravado spice go hot sauce bottle

Bravado Spice Co is having a HUGE Prime Day sale, with many of their hot sauces coming in at 30%-50% off. If you like sweet-spicy, this ghost pepper blueberry hot sauce will be top of your list. But if it’s not your cup of tea, make sure you check out their selection of other hot sauces on sale including black garlic Carolina reaper (30% off) and Aka miso ghost-reaper sauce (42% off).

Save 50% on Bravado Spice Co hot sauce.

20% off Yellowbird variety pack

yellowbird hot sauce variety pack - 5 bottles of hot sauce

I already have 2 of these hot sauces in my pantry (jalapeño condiment and blue agave sriracha). Yellowbird is pretty common in most grocery stores, but the prices online are typically astronomical. This variety pack on sale puts the cost on par with what you’d normally find at the store!

Don’t miss out on 20% off Yellowbird.

Up to 35% off Fuego Spice hot sauces

three fuego spice products with the ingredients shown behind

Fuego Spice is running an (unnecessarily complicated) Prime Day sale where you can claim up to 35% off when you stack the different types of available discounts. For example, this trio of hot sauces has an automatic 20% off, plus if you buy 3 of their select items, you can save an additional 15% off.

Grab this trio at 20-35% off.

Prime Day FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about this year’s Prime Day.

When is Prime Day 2023?

Prime Day 2023, scheduled for July 11-12, 2023, is just around the corner, but the excitement starts well before the official dates. 

In recent years the event has expanded beyond its initial timeframe. Dubbed the “early deals,” these irresistible offers begin surfacing weeks in advance, making the precise dates of the main sale somewhat inconsequential. 

What spicy foods will be on sale?

If you’re a spicy food enthusiast, keep an eye out for enticing offers on items such as hot sauce-making kits, hot sauce variety packs, and multi-packs of spicy snacks. Whether you want to add some heat to your meals or explore new flavors, these discounted options will spice up your culinary adventures.

In addition to the fiery delights, Prime Day will also showcase an array of discounted gardening gear. Whether you have a green thumb or aspire to become a gardening aficionado, this is the perfect opportunity to score great deals on essential tools, equipment, and supplies. From gardening gloves to shovels, watering cans to planters, you’ll find everything you need to nurture your garden at a remarkable discount.

What kind of deals can I expect on spicy foods?

When it comes to spicy food products, you can anticipate discounts ranging from 5% to 15% off their regular prices. The most significant savings are likely to be found on higher-margin items such as hot sauce-making kits. These comprehensive kits provide all the necessary ingredients and tools for crafting flavorful concoctions. If you’ve been eyeing a hot sauce-making kit, Prime Day is the perfect time to snatch one up at an unbeatable price.

While individual food products like single bottles of hot sauce or individual bags of spicy chips may not see as steep of discounts, they still offer a chance to indulge in your favorite flavors at a slightly reduced cost. Keep your eyes peeled for any surprises, as there may also be occasional promotions on these items.

Why aren’t products 50%+ off?

While Prime Day offers exciting discounts, you may wonder why certain products, including spicy foods, aren’t discounted at 50% or more. The reason behind this lies in the business dynamics of Amazon and the independent sellers who offer their products on the platform.

Amazon operates on a significant profit margin, taking a substantial cut of the profits from the products sold. This can limit the flexibility for sellers, particularly small, independent businesses that specialize in creating exceptional spicy foods. These businesses often have slim profit margins to begin with as they strive to maintain high-quality ingredients and craft unique flavor profiles. As a result, they may face limitations in the discounts they can offer on Amazon during Prime Day.

However, don’t lose hope! Many of your favorite indie hot sauce brands may have their own sales on the same day through their own websites. By purchasing directly from these independent retailers, you can discover even better deals than you’ll find on Amazon. Supporting these small businesses allows you to enjoy their delicious products at a lower cost and helps them thrive in a competitive marketplace.

So, while the discounts on Amazon during Prime Day may not reach the 50%+ range for certain products, keep an eye out for alternative sales and promotions directly from independent sellers.

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